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RAPINA: Artbook Indiegogo [Crowdfunding]

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Artbook IndieGoGo Crowdfunding RAPINA
Hi, my name is Elkin Grueso creator of RAPINA COMIC, supported project with
Fundaorigen Fundación Afrocolombiana Origen NuestroWhen I launched my project first did not succeed in the financing, because the campaign did not last long time. This time I want to work for 48 days to create a Artbook of 48-page Printed Full Color, with illustrations by RAPINA. I want this project to be known internationally. The idea is to create an illustration per day. The task is to draw daily until the campaign is Finished. Each day I make an illustration that is part of the Rapina Artbook. As a result, we have many illustrated images to compose the Rapina Artbook. The purpose is to produce and print 100 copies of Rapina Artbook and 100 copies of Rapina PaintBook. If we reach the goal, we will create a digital artbook version File: PDF and SWF, free document to collaborators. We invite you to do part of this project and we give you a material reward. Remember, your contribution helps to spread and strengthen the Colombian Talent. Subscribe to receive the reports and project progress of RAPINA, well, at some point we will activate new and exciting rewards. The first 10 Contributors who purchase the Artbook, receive 10 % discount for a value of $ 27 USD, it is a promotion that is active to date. February 18, 2014.

What we need and what you get

  • We need $ 4,500 USD to create, print and distribute the Rapina Artbook. We need to make 100 Copies of original artbook with 48 pages full color. With these resources we also want to add an attractive reward: 100 copies of PaintBook of 32 pages white and black, it is a coloring book. Achieved the goal we will create a artbook version digital file: PDF and SWF, free document to collaborators. The contribution includes costs of the production, pay shipping, commissions, transaction fees and project management. Each collaborator will have a copy with your name in the acknowledgments.

  • If the project does not achieve the goal: anyway we will print and send the books to collaborators who contributed with the campaign. For example, if there are 10 collaborators, each of them will receive their respective rewards.

  • If the project gets the goal: All collaborators receive their rewards according to their contribution. In addition, collaborators can download a new free reward Artbook in two different formats: PDF [illustrated images] and SWF [Multimedia Gallery with Animated Images]

  • The campaign can receive contributions of collaborators residents anywhere in the world. Rewards are sent to different countries. The Rapina Artbook has few text, because this book consists almost entirely of images. The text content: titles, short descriptions, dedications and acknowledgments will be written in idiom English.

  • The rewards are scheduled for printing from day 1 April 2014. Deliveries must have arrived at the residence of the collaborators prior to May 31, 2014.

Creators Project

Elkin Grueso. Comic Cartoonist and Flash Animator 

Maria Josefina Gomez Legal Representative of Fundaorigen

Other ways you can support

If you can not support economically, please share this link:

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